Monday, January 3, 2011

Recording Songs for New EP

I am currently working with Chris Rolin of Rolin Sound Studios. He is producing five songs for an EP of my grown up songs. I have tended to focus on recording my childrens music in the past, and it is still a major part of what I do.
However, I decided it was time to honour my songwriting self and I began delving into my old songbooks and found some little gems that I am so exciting to be sharing with my friends out there in the ether.
I have chosen songs that mean a lot to  me, songs often inspired by those I love the most in my life.
So it is so exciting to be singing these precious melodies and I am so blessed to have Chris to work with on this project.
I am also including a happy little song I wrote with my ukulele.

Here it is, mind you there could be some changes in the lyrics as things evolve.

My Little Uke Song
I want to jump up to the sky
That's the reason why
I don't even try to fly.
And as I leap from cloud to cloud
I can shout out loud
and it makes me feel so proud

Baby, though I may be crazy
I really love this feeling
Yeah, I really feel so fine you know
And maybe, the suns a special lady
And the clouds are shady
And they try to stop her shining

So I, I reach up to the sky
And grab a piece of pie
It's a slice of life, oh my
And I, I have learned to shout my name
It's my only way to claim
My space and know I'm home again

And tiptoe, it's the only way to go
If you trip and fall oh no
Get up and twirl, don't let it slow you down
And solo, nothings wrong with solo
It's the only way to go, its the perfect way to go
'Cause you know your grow so

And then, you get to share that pie
The pie up in the sky, la la la la la

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