Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lost my Page for a While

Hi there.
Strange happenings with It seems someone else now has the domain name. I am looking into what happened lol. But at least I managed to get my blog site to show up now.

I am going through shifts in my life right now and music seems to still be there, but not so up front as I am preparing to do my thesis for my MA and also planning to build my cob house next summer.  These are pretty HUGE in my mind right now and so the singing is a joy that brings balance to things.

Beth and I just did a Two Tall Women set last Sunday at Rivers Day in Maple Ridge and it was so fantastic. We reconnected with special friends, Trish and Gord and Ivan, Greg and Jenny from Tusket.

We are booked to play at Songstage in January and Beth should have her CD out soon.

I plan to upload my songs from my EP onto Bandcamp at some point and I am shutting down my RPW records website at its current location, and planning to go to a blog to archive all the stuff I did with RPW. Simplifying my life somewhat!

Also I plan to close the reverbnation accounts for Music for Coffee Beings and Violet Femmes.  I just don't have the time to maintain so many sites. I guess the twitter for Violet Femmes needs to go as well.  It is such a process and I am following where my intuition leads me.

Thanks for taking the time to be here and I look forward to posting again soon.